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A world of intrigue.

A life of lies.

A future of sacrifice. 



BLURB - Volume 1

Vincent Hudson is a vampire hunter and his life is about to be ruined. 

When a hunting trip ends in tragedy, he is forced to do the unthinkable—seek refuge in Sanctuary Hope, where each family must nominate a member to the city council. It is seemingly a minor price to pay in exchange for medical aid and refuge. But it is a dangerous trap, and unaware of the gut-wrenching reality, Vincent nominates himself to save his people. 

Now a life of war awaits him. . . and captivity to a vampire master known as Maddox Caine. 

to fight.

to avenge.

to win.


BLURB - Volume 2

When Vincent sold himself  to a vampire, he did not expect to become the slave of Maddox Caine. Now struggling to accept the feelings of passion he’s grown toward his master, he’s agreed to follow Maddox into a war he never knew existed. This is what he's been waiting for: to fight, to avenge, and to win. But what happens when another vampire threatens to put Vincent's loyalties, and his heart, to the test? 

Emory Hudson was never meant to live past childhood. His uncle managed to save his life at every turn, but now Emory finds himself alone, on the desert, with an enemy claiming to be his ally. They both seek the one thing that can be fatal to a First Born vampire. Paired with this unexpected accomplice, Emory scours the Wastelands in search of the poisonous flower. No matter what the sacrifice, he will 
kill the Governor of Sanctuary Hope and save his uncle. It's the least he can do. 

In this depraved and desolate world, can Vincent learn to see that there is more to vampires than an insatiable lust for blood? And will Emory free his uncle before the war divides them forever?


volume 3 - coming next!

sinister war-3D-series.jpg

the art of salem


I had the pleasure of working with an amazing LGBT artist, Salem Beiruti, on a custom designed artwork for the interior of Sinister War, book 3 in my Bloodstream series.


I give you... Vincent Hudson and Maddox Caine in their final "Acquiescence". This artwork will soon be available to purchase as postcards and various other swag items. Isn't it breath-taking? I love everything about it, particularly the small details like the floating white rose petals, Maddox's famous glove, Vincent's eyebrow scar and the red-jewelled collar around his neck. 


Salem even had his two friends, Jon and Patricio, model for him so that we could capture the greatest pose. Please do check out Salem's website at and the models' Instagrams are @jongomezdelap and @patriciogarnero. You won't be disappointed! 

Maddox Cover- Final.jpg
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