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the alpha chose me
then he tried to
kill me

Wicked Rejection_r3.jpg


On the night of my claiming, I’m betrayed by my pack in the most brutal of ways.

Left for dead by those I had trusted, my only hope for survival is to form an alliance with the most feared alpha in the Shadowlands.

The only problem is, Killian hates me as much as I hate him.

And I did try to kill him.


Fuelled by our resentment for each other, the passion that rises and burns between us lights a fire in me others have tried to extinguish. But in return for Killian's help, he leaves me with a life-changing decision to make that will strip me of everything, including my freedom.  

Either I become Killian's mate or remain his prisoner forever.

I have until the full moon to decide. 

Killian might be a predator in this world but I will never be his prey, as every alpha in Arithym is about to find out.

Starting with the alpha who tried to kill me.

Predators & Prey is a dark reverse harem romance series. If you like strong heroines and seductive, possessive alphas, this is for you. The series contains high heat and dark themes that are for mature adults only. 18+.


Cruel Delights copy_v2.jpg

I escaped one prison only to wake up in a crueler one.

This time, I’m surrounded by light instead of darkness and a wicked captor bloodthirsty for revenge.

Solas makes Killian look like a saint now that I know what the Light Alpha truly intends to do with me, and for the first time in my life, I want the shadows to find me.

I want Killian, the cruel, seductive Dark Alpha who wrecks me into pieces every time he touches me, and Fenrik, the grumpy, protective fire wolf whose flames weld me back together again. I also want my best friend now more than ever, but only time will tell if Tristan made it out of the Dawnlands alive.

Or if I will, either.

With three powerful alphas on my side and the wrath of the gods, I think my chances for survival are high enough to wage war on the wolf who rejected me...and make him pay.



I've survived until now but my journey is far from over. 

Just when I think I'm free again, I'm brought to the Fae Realm where I'll stand trial for a crime I didn't even know I committed. There's spies everywhere—even on the fae council—but I won't go down without a fight.

I need to get back to Tristan.

His cure is within reach and we can finally be together. I just need to slay a cursed dragon, steal an ancient flower, unite our packs, and then Solas will at long last answer for all the crimes he's committed.

That's if he doesn't kill me first.

But with Killian and Fenrik at my side, and the help of a powerful goddess, I think hischances are slim this time.

It's time for the Light Alpha to fall and for the Dawnlands and the Shadowlands to be united under one pack.

I'll do whatever it takes to ensure that happens...even sacrifice myself.

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