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I’ve spent my entire life pretending to be someone I’m not. 

Forced to hide in the slums of Tenebris from those who would enslave me, I carry the Golden Curse that has been passed through my family for generations. This affliction makes me the perfect breeder to carry the offspring of the Kings of Emperia and their elite warriors. 

I've tried everything to avoid this fate, until one careless mistake lands me in the hands of my enemy.

Unfortunately for King Leonidas, my name is Saphyre Aurelian, and I’ll make him regret the day he chose me as his breeder.

WARNING: Saphyre is a DARK Reverse Harem Fantasy and is for mature audiences only. This is NOT a romance. This book is about one woman determined to stand up and win against injustice. Contains scenes that may be upsetting for some, such as sexual violence and torture.