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Vampires, demons and wolves, oh my. . . 


Aboveground = earth



Belowsurface = hell


Meadowsin is a fictional country south-east of the United Kingdom. Prior to the shifter uprising, it had once consisted of various states.  The Syndicate , a group of elite officials who protected the country, decided to transform the northern part of the country into the "Land of the Dawn"; a new capital state where shifters and humans would coincide together. It was a way to prove that both species could live in harmony and end poverty. This land became known as Zion. 


Humans and shifters have always fought together. Some don't believe supernatural beings exist; others want to destroy every last ounce of them. When the revolt resulted in a vast number of catastrophic casualties one thousand years ago, the Zion Syndicate split the states into two cities, commonly referred to as the Old (Meadowsin) and the New (Zion) towns. Halo Court Office, the law enforcement employed by the Syndicate, passed a bill called The Official Code. This law ensured that shifters were kept in line and the humans were protected. Those who broke the code were punished accordingly by a Halo official. 


has remained much the same. Those code breakers who were deemed unworthy to live in Zion were thrown into MeadowsinOne century later, Zion has flourished while its twin,Meadowsin, tossed into utter squalor south of were, human or not. In extreme cases, the overspill from both cities Meadowsin; aka, The Pits. 



leaders of the twin cities

The five noble shifter families no longer exist as they once used to. Since the revolt, much of the country changed, including those who had once protected it.  As we know, Tanner and Tobias separated after a devastating loss to their family. Tobias joined the Syndicate and Tanner immersed himself into the shadows. 

While two of the five noble houses joined the Underground (Tanner Wulfric and Leonidas Garcia), three remained loyal to protecting the cities: Maxwell, Matthews, [Tobias] Wulfric, and Redmayne. I've listed the most important characters from each city. 



Senator Kyle Maxwell -- werecat lion, chief counsellor of the syndicate

General Lucas Matthews -- werewolf alpha, member of the Syndicate 

Lord Tobias Wulfric -- werewolf leader, member of the Syndicate

Lady Catriona Redmayne -- vampire queen, member of the Syndicate  

Lady Anya Petrov -- class A mage (most powerdul), replacement for House Garcia 



Noah Hunter -- CEO, Head Official, Gen. Matthew's adopted son

Sylas, Amos (Noah's beta) Olivia (Noah's beta) -- Lead Officials for the Department of Usurper Terminations (DUT)

Max -- Senior Official, Noah's omega, Gen. Matthews biological son




Leonidas Garcia -- King of Vampires, eldest of House Garcia, not of the Syndicate

Elizabeth Garcia -- Leonidas' younger sister, maimed by her brother for treason




Tannerian Wulfric -- alpha of the Underground, chief leader

Yara Lee -- leader of the Tiger Triads 

Leonidas Garcia -- also follows under here

The Master -- leader, Blood Auctions Chief Host 

Mikus and Orion -- werewolves, Tanner's betas 

Dravin -- former leader of the Russian bears in the East of Zion

Dmitry -- nephew of Dravin, current leader of the bears



Lucifer -- Demon King 

Dracorius, Sylas, Nasir -- Demon Princes 

Elijah Ravenhill -- Royal Demon

Zena Whiteland -- General Demon, Elijah's sister

Godric -- General Demon, exorcist based Aboveground



Royal Family:


High King – Lucifer

Demon Princes – Dracorius, Sylas, Nasir; all part of the royal family


Second Most Powerful:


Royal Demon Lords – Extremely powerful advisors of the High King’s trusted Council. They rarely use human bodies and thus rule the realms in their true demon forms, much like the Royal Family  


Third Most Powerful:


General Demons – Powerful sire/dam Creators of Demons, Lucifer’s lieutenants; leaders of the demon armies, mostly conceal themselves in human bodies


Least Powerful:


Under Demons – Warriors bound by their Creator’s will. They must be "summoned" by someone Aboveground in order to leave Belowsurface. Once summoned, they are bound by a contract until they have fulfilled their summoner's desire. Once fulfilled, they eat the summoner's soul. 

Fledglings – Lowliest of all, troublemakers, runt of the litters. They are often found to be possessing human bodies Aboveground, feeding on their despair, so the don't have to return home. 




How are demons created? A General Demon or above can create a childe, similar to vampires, by using powerful magic and mixing their blood. Mostly, demons were once vampires who were damned and/or transformed by a sire/dam. The transformation can never be reversed. 


How do you kill a demon?  It's nearly impossible to kill them, since they are eternal beings. Vampires can be killed by a steak in the heart, shifters with weapons made of silver. But demons can be weakened by the use of holy water. To kill a demon, you must be extremely powerful. Their eyes, if damaged by the appropriate object, are their weakness. If you gouge them out by the cursed weapon, the souls that sustain them die, and the demon will eventually rot into ash. 


How do demons eat your soul?  By devouring your eyes. After all, the eyes are the window to your soul! 


Why do demons eyes change colour so much?  For every soul they devour, they adopt their victim's eye colour. Usually a demon will stick to one colour for their human form and one for their demon. But others can change depending on what emotion they're feeling. Pretty awesome, right? 


What is a realm?  General Demons and up each have a realm they call home. It's like a never-ending fortress that belongs entirely to them, and each landscape varies depending on the demon. 

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