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Alpha's Bane is now only $2.99!

Okay, first of all. I've just gotta stop a minute to slap myself.

I can't believe I actually published a novel!! I've been hugging all fives copies of Alpha's Bane for about thirty minutes now. Kiba keeps giving me the "Wtf, mum. Really?" Yes, really! I published a book God dammit and I've been waiting to do this since I was a tiny little girl. I never thought I would do it at 22. And it feels awesome.

Don't get my wrong, self-publishing a long-ass process.

But it's worth it.

Being able to hold your own book, knowing that YOU - no-one else, just you, you awesome thang you - did it is an incredible feeling.

Releasing Alpha's Bane is a huge accomplishment for me because normally it's a battle to just to get me out of bed in the morning, never mind writing and publishing a book.

And it's supposed to be funny - a total ice-breaker into the second book, which is NOT funny. It's dark, it's gritty, and terrifyingly erotic. One of those *puts down book and questions wtf did I just read* moments.

For the time being, you can buy Alpha's Bane for only $2.99 on Amazon!!

Here's another teaser, which you can buy here (and don't forget to say hello <3)


A horrible pain throbbed in my head.

I straightened my shoulders and adjusted my left cufflink. “Now,” I began tersely, “why don’t you back off a little there, pumpkin, and tell me where the fuck your brother is? You’ve stalled us enough, and as you can tell, I’m beginning to feel somewhat pissed off.”

Elizabeth chuckled. “A good girl would honour her word and tell you. But... I am not a good girl. And I have no heart. No conscience. Your little beta there is a prime example of that.”

Snapping my head around, I saw Amos unconscious, lying prostrate on the floor with a bloody transparent bag tied around his head. Blood trickled down the plastic.

So soundlessly and quickly had the wolves and vampires snuck into the room and injured Amos, I was unable to pick up their scents.

Drowsiness crept into me. I attempted to lunge quickly to Amos’s side, but my legs wouldn’t budge, as if I were bound to the sofa with invisible ropes.

Growling, I grabbed Elizabeth by the scruff of her neck and hauled her close, bearing my fangs, but it simply amused her even more.

“The only ones keeping us from the sun, Noah, are those who lock us in the dark.” Her crimson eyes glistened like a cobra sinking into its prey. “Humans are far bigger monsters than we will ever be,” she purred, “and it is about time you see that and acknowledge your kin for its worth.”

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