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NaNoWriMo is here. And Tannerian is all teeth and claws.

National Novel Writing Month has hit us, right at the cusp of the US presidential elections. I won’t even go into the outcome. I’m fairly certain that all of us want to wake up to find this has merely been one sick, twisted nightmare, and we can all laugh the whole damn thing off.

Reality, be as it may, has hit us where the sun doesn’t shine. I know that. So right now, I’m going to give you a big hug and make you a cup of tea. Okay? Okay then.

For me, I’ve been super busy writing. Not only have I hit my 30k for NaNo (Alpha’s Game is now part-way finished, first draft anyway); but I’ve been working on a secret project with R. Phoenix.

I use the word secret loosely. The two of us are kind of bursting at the seams to tell everyone about it. I can at least tell you that it will be a standalone novel within the Twin City Series and the title’s acronym, JaO. We are ridiculously excited to get this under way and published asap. It’s no secret, really, in that I’ve already shared a teaser on Facebook. So if you follow me on there then you’ll have realised by now that JaO is about Maximus from Alpha’s Bane and the big, bad dragon Hybrid known as Alexis Ravenhill.

You will not have to read the series to understand JaO, but I would advise it. I think it will help you to understand the world more, through the eyes of a psychopathic Hybrid and his pet captive, Max the omega of Geta Novas.

Okay. So that’s the “secret” project I’m working on with Rai. Urgh. I’ve spilled the beans already, haven’t I? I just can’t help myself. But yeah I really hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

It’s at times such as these when I want to write as fast as my hands can possibly allow me, all in the hope to bring you something in which you can escape into.

Delve into.

Lose yourself in.

In the end, isn’t that what reading books is all about?

Oh and back to Alpha’s Game. Yes, yes, yes. I’ve now got my betas, yay!

The book should be finished by the end of November and I am actually hoping to have it published early April. This will give me enough time to properly organise a launch plan. Because let’s face it, I’m not the best at things like this, but luckily I have amazing friends who are willing to help me out. Seriously. I have no idea what I’d do without them! All I know is how to write, but I am slowly learning how to market and promote and cry and totally not pull my hair out.

Would you like to read an unedited teaser from Alpha’s Game? It’s similar to Alpha’s Bane in that there is obvious chemistry between the MCs, but there is no real HEA. It is not a romance. It’s a book that has made me question my sanity and become absolutely certain that I am going to hell. It’s dark, it’s gritty, and yeah, all kinds of hardcore sex and sadistic, sunova bitch characters that make me want to hide under my pillow to muffle my protests. Zena. That’s all I’m saying guys, watch out for my newest antagonist. . .

P.s., you can check out Raissa's amazing dark erotica/paranormal series here. It's called Ripples in the Status Quo and is by far my favourite series of the year. Raissa sure knows how to write an intimidating character. Because damn.


“Wait.” Yara’s voice came out as a scathing rasp. “If we give you the deeds to Turin and Prestige, then you’ll rid our establishments of the leeches indefinitely? I would like your word on this, Tannerian. They’re costing me too much. Destroying too much,”

Establishments was an amusing word to use for them.

“Yes,” Tanner answered, turning around. His cock twitched in his pants with excitement. Turin casino in his hands? Under his control? Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why hadn’t he thought of blackmailing Yara before? “If you hand me over those deeds, our truce will be restored, and I’ll protect your sorry asses just like I’ve always done,” he added derisively.

He watched Yara’s face turn scarlet with rage. Such an appealing sight, Tanner grinned to himself, as he drank it in ravenously.

A powerful man swallowing his pride in order to beg for one’s forgiveness.

What was there not to take pleasure in?

Tanner had never seen Yara so desperate before. So willing to piss away his highest source of revenue simply for Tanner’s help. To assist him in his darkest and most pitiful hour of need. But that was the thing when you belonged solely to the shadows of the Underground. They either made or they broke you.

And that was what Tanner lived for.

Breaking people apart.

Using them to his advantage regardless of how many bodies piled up beneath him and he could no longer see the floor. A pawn was simply a means to win the game and Tanner would use every last one of them until the game was over.

“Then we have a deal, Yara. I’ll expect the deeds on my desk first thing tomorrow.”

Now, Tanner had something in which he could use against his precious devotee.

Sebastian Ashford, Tobias’s faithful little dog.

“You’re never gonna make it into heaven with all this blackmailing shit.”

Yes, well. Tanner hadn’t anticipated reaching paradise with such a tainted soul, anyway.

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