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Update: Broken in Silence paperbacks, Dark Silence eBooks!

Hello, my lovelies!

It's been a crazy few months. Prior to my birthday tomorrow (I know, I'm a Leo, shock horror lol!), I thought I'd finally update everyone on what's been happening.

First, the paperbacks for Broken in Silence are finally live. Yay! It only took me... urgh, I won't even go there. I'm getting better at things, slowly but surely, but there are aspects to indie publishing that I feel will always baffle me.

But with the help of my friends and some truly amazing authors in this community, I'm managing to do it! Anyway, you can check out the paperbacks on all Amazon stores. The book is so shiny and pretty and I just love it! Jay Aheer did an amazing job with BiS. I'd actually say it's my favourite book so far. Here's the link to the paperback!

Second, the eBook for my Dark Erotica/Psychological Thriller novel is live! It's been live for a while now, and I had emailed all my subscribers, but I forgot to do a blog post. So, yeah. Hello! *waves shamefacedly* I'm super proud of this book. As many know, my partnership with Susanna has ended, so I've been working hard on the publication and up-coming distribution of the paperbacks myself (they should be ready in a few days). They look so awesome!!

If you like dark MM reads, then you'll love this novel! It's the first volume in The Bound Subject series and I really enjoyed writing it. I personally think it's my best piece of writing yet and it's encouraged me to keep going, to keep improving, and seeing what other f*cked up stories I can bring you. Dark Silence in a nutshell? Mad scientist believes he can create the perfect slave through sexual and mental torture. But things take a turn for the worst, and the professor ends up thrown into uncharted waters. Lots of high heat, plot twists, mind f*cks, and just my general "here's a dash of WTF am I reading" for you lovely readers out there. You can check out the book on Amazon! But please read the warnings.

TEASER: Dark Silence (link to buy below)

“Remember to be good, Tristan, and the setting will remain low. Pleasing me will limit your pain, and similarly, angering me will increase it. Do you understand me?”

He couldn’t manage a coherent response. He simply shook his head as the vibrations moved through his body in waves, torturing him.

Claude nodded impassively. “I’ll check on you later. When I retire to bed, you’ll please me until you’re dismissed. You’re just an animal to me now, Tristan, and I’ll make good use of that while I can.”

It wasn’t up for discussion. Tristan knew when that moment arrived, Claude would do whatever he wanted with him.

And Tristan would do nothing.

Because he could do nothing.

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