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New Release - Conflicted: A Novel

As many of you will recall, in January 2018, my co-written novel Dark Silence, was banned from Amazon. Why? Apparently, it was too naughty. *shrugs* I know how many of you loved this story, and since the book had reached #1 in my sub-genre, I decided to completely rewrite the novel and publish again as my own. Conflicted is a far greater edition of Dark Silence, with added content, freshly edited material, tightened plot, and a gorgeous new cover and blurb designed by the lovely Jay Aheer.

If you did read Dark Silence, I can guarantee you will love this edition. And if not, I hope you enjoy reading! If you could also consider taking the time to post a review (or even just copying your Dark Silence review), I would be eternally grateful! I lost over 60 reviews when Amazon banned this book, so you have no idea how much your support would mean to me.

Announcements: Please Read

Bloodstream - You'll also be pleased to know that Sinister Games (Bloodstream Volume Two) will be live July 2018. Following this release, I plan to release Sinister War (volume three) shortly after. I am really excited to get these books out and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this series.

GDPR - Another necessary announcement is the bane of everyone's life right now. I will not ask you to re-subscribe to my newsletter, for I have a solid audit of you previously consenting to join. But I will highlight that I have posted a Privacy Policy on my website, and at the bottom of each email you receive from me, there is always the option for you to unsubscribe. No hard feelings. Please do take the time to read my privacy policy.

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