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Summer Writing Vibes

I'm trying my best to update my blog more frequently. While I'm active on Facebook a lot of the time, I also want to keep in touch with my readers through my blog. So, first thing is first... I'm getting a puppy! Many of you will already know that I live with my wolf dog, Kiba, and my black kitty, Juno. Well, on June 16th, I'll be welcoming Bella into our her forever home. I'm also moving into a groundfloor apartment, which has a garden, at the start of June. Having a private garden is a first for me and my furkids. We are super excited! I'm also able to finally pay off my debts, yay, and I'll have enough set by to redecorate my new home. I've waited years to feel this kind of hapiness. The kind where everything, just for a moment, feels like it's meant to be. I'm savouring it.

On another note, here is my publishing schedule for this summer:

July - Publish Sinister Games, Bloodstream Volume II.

August - Publish Sinister War, Bloodstream Volume III.

I hope you're as excited as I am! I cannot wait for you to read Sinister Games. I think it's so much jucier than volume one, which I thought was my best work yet. That's the thing I love most about this career. Writers are constantly learning, adapting to new skills, and expanding their craft. All artists do that. And I love being able to see how far I've come since my debut and how greatly I'm improving. It's all I want to do. To write and improve. To be present and happy. To appreciate the small things in life and be true to myself.

So, what am I planning to do after Bloodstream Volume III (the finale)? Well, I'm hoping to either move on to a completely new vampire series. Or, dare I even say it, venture into MM romance. *gasp*. I know. Me? Writing HEA romance stuff? The horror! Speaking of which, I imagine my romance books will still have some elements of dark. What's life without a bit of danger, amiright?

I'm aiming to start releasing books at least six weeks apart. For a person who takes hours to crack a smile after I've woken up (basically, I'm a zombie until I've had coffee and hit noon), it's certainly a challenge. But I believe I can do it. Not only must I start releasing books at a consistent pace, but I so badly want to bring you more stories to read. Therefore *whipes brow* I've accepted this mission and plan on slayin' it! How come? Because now I'm a FULL-TIME published author. Woohoo!

Stay tuned for my Conflicted: A Novel cover reveal. This book comes out on May 28th, eeek, and will be 99c until May 31st.

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