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Letter of Gratitude

This makes me BEYOND happy. 2 of my books are still on the bestsellers list!

As many of my readers are aware of, the last three years have been hell for me. I've found myself hitting the darkest rock bottom of my life. A pit where I truly saw no light, no hope, no way to be the woman I knew I was and continue to fight. Somehow, and honestly against the odds, I managed to claw my way to the surface. A lot of my writing revolves around dark and light. I understand now that I needed to endure my own darkness to see the sun. It was writing that encouraged me to seek sunlight. It was the only thing I could lose myself in completely when the clouds and rainstorms took away everything that I loved. Yeah, I faced a lot of negativity along the way, and had to cut toxic people from my life. I suffered my moments of doubt, self-loathing, and fear of inadequacy. But I've never been happier having surfaced from the other side. My strength, and my love for writing, has returned stronger and it is honestly because of YOU.

My readers.

Without you, my books would cease to exist, and I would quite literally have no a reason to be here. Writing is my calling. My biggest passion. And to have your support... It means the world to me. I write for myself, but most of all, I write for YOU. I know how dark life can be. I know how fucked up, messy, and cruel the world is. When I was eighteen, a book saved my life, and I knew then how greatly I wanted to return the favour. Books are proof that magic exists. For every sentence I write, and hell, even agonise over, I am one step closer to fulfilling my dreams: to become a successful author who can help to save people's lives on a daily basis. Or merely bring them a glimmer of hope in their hour of darkness. This is why I pour so much into my books. I can take hours to write a single sentence, but words can remind us of the beauty remaining in our world, and I want to always ensure I convey that through my writing. I promise to produce the best, most beautiful (and yup, dark as hell) books for you.

I wanted to thank my readers for always supporting me, for believing in me, and sharing this incredible journey with me. And also to the authors who have been there for me every step of the way.


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