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Sinister Games Cover Reveal!

I can't believe I'm almost finished writing Sinister Games! I am a little behind but I want to take my time to ensure I publish the best version possible of Vincent and Maddox's next journey. As always, this gorgeous artwork was designed by the amazing Jay Aheer at Simply Defined Art. You can now add Sinister Games to your Goodreads, yay! Just click on the cover and it will open a new window.



Selling his soul to the devil is the least of Vincent's worries. Conflicted by feelings of passion he's grown toward his vampire master, and an unexpected guest, Vincent struggles to accept that some rules were never meant to be broken. He must obey Maddox's orders if he wants to stay alive and protect his people. But a new threat rises to the surface and Vincent's loyalty is put to the test. Despite the odds stacked against him, he prepares to follow Maddox into the heat of a war he never knew existed. Hope has kept him breathing until now, but it's vengeance that keeps him alive. This is what he's been waiting for: to fight, to avenge, and to win. In this depraved and desolate world, can something more than servitude grow between a master and his pet? Can they work together to defeat a common foe? Who will rise among them and who will fall?

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