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Sinister War: Cover Reveal!

I can't believe I'm already writing Sinister War. It seems like yesterday Christine Wright and I were talking about collaborating, and I created Maddox Caine, thinking I had full control over this vampire. He certainly had other ideas...

This trilogy is proving to be one hell of a journey already. It has changed everything for me. I became a bestseller for the first time in my career and I was also able to quit my day job to pursue my dream of writing full-time. Seven months later, I have started to write the finale in this trilogy, with the expectations of writing a few standalone novels based in the same world. There is still so much of this broken world to explore, I cannot wait!

Once again, Jay Aheer has blown me away with another breath-taking piece of artwork. I've actually been sitting on this for months, but I've been working on my patience lately (thanks to my eagle-eyed beta readers) and I managed to contain my excitement. I have so much more to address and gush over, but I'll be sure to do that in my SW release blog post. For now, I give you...

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