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New Release - A Throne of Blood 1

The Queen's Protectors: A Throne of Blood Book 1 is now LIVE! Click the below image to purchase your copy now!

This book contains BDSM as well as smokin' hot MF, MFM, MM, MMM! For adults only!

#AllHailTheQueen #YouHadMeAtWaffles


"This book is steamy to the max and you should prepare yourself for interesting couple time!" - The Book Addict

"I always enjoy reading BDSM but I’ve never read one quite like this which is refreshing." - Amazon Reviewer

"Highly encourage others to give The Queen's Protectors a try!!!" - The Rambling Reader

"I would like to put in a request for my own Eliot. Loved it and can't wait for book 2!" - The Naughty Book Box

"Scarlett Snow has done a brilliant job at writing a story that just sucks you in and leaves you wanting more." - The Book Junkie


#ReverseHarem #fantasy #newrelease

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