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It's Okay To Not Be Okay

After reading a status where someone claimed authors opening up about their personal problems is an abohorrent tactic to gain sales, I ended up posting the below status. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a brutally honest person. I sometimes go where others fear to. I talk about things society has made survivors feel ashamed about. I'm honestly just unafraid to speak the truth in a way that will empowers others to follow suit. Authors are still human at the end of the day. We're perfectly allowed to talk about our personal lives just as much as we're allowed to keep them private.


"It's okay to not be okay."

I can't believe what I just read on here. I post personal things on my Facebook -- NOT for attention or sales (wtf?) -- but because this is a safe place for me do so. That's it. There's no ulterior motive.

I talk about my rape to raise awareness and encourage others to see that trying to end Rape Culture is NOT something to be ashamed about. It affects SO many of us out there, and for too long we've been made to feel like our attacks are something shameful to talk about. Well, not anymore. My goal in life is to change people's perception and to show others the horrendous impact sexual assault has on survivors. I do this through art, through social media, and anything else I can. I refuse to sweep anything under the carpet.

I talk about my mental health and personal struggles to remind people they are not alone. We hear you, we see you, we feel you. We are HERE for you. Please, never forget that.

Since day one, I've always been myself on Facebook, just like I am in real life. What you see is what you get. My Katze readers will tell you this, I've always shared my high and lows. If someone asks how I'm doing (IRL or on here), I've learned to stop answering "I'm fine" and instead replaced these words with "You know what, I'm not okay." It's perfectly acceptable to OPEN up, to not mask how you're feeling, to not be trapped in that dark hole constantly crying behind your smile. It's okay to not be okay. I've learned to have this mindset in my early twenties and I'm not fucking ashamed of that.

You are part of my tribe.

I just treat people exactly how I want to be treated: with compassion, respect, and honesty. This so everyone here knows that my inbox is a safe place for you if you need to talk, vent, ask for advice, or just remember that you. are. not. alone. I really am here for you, author or not. I'm still human at the end of the day. ;)

I used to hate reaching out to people, but I've slowly trained myself to do this more often because again, society has conditioned us for so long, especially men, to keep everything buried deep within us to the point of exploding. No. Enough. Fuck society. I'm here and I'm not afraid to have my voice heard anymore. We all have a story to tell. I'm more than happy posting mine on here, my blog, through books or any other kind of art.

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