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Dragons. Kilts. Magic. Surprise project!


I'm super excited to announce a collaboration I'm working on with fellow author, Tiegan Clyne. We are both stepping into a new genre ready to write, and we cannot wait! I've had the gist of the series in my head for over a year, but it wasn't until my friend suggested I actually follow my heart and write it when I found Tiegan, and we decided to team up and write the 'A Crown of Secrets' (Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance) series. Check out the amazing cover and blurb!

Expected release date: January or February 2019

Cover Art by Jay Aheer at Simply Defined Art

Goodreads link:


Behind every badass witch are three men ready to serve her

Alaia Blaire is that witch.

She also happens to be the last of her kind and is no damsel in distress.One night of hunting changes that forever.

Woken up in a hidden kingdom in the Scottish Highlands, Alaia has nothing but a sword to her name and a kilted man who claims she belongs to him… and two others. Alaia is submerged into a world divided by war, but as if that isn’t enough, she can’t go home until the Raven Queen has been defeated.

Caelan the kilted warrior, Alex the exiled vampire, and Aengus the no-nonsense laird offer her their help. In return, she must surrender the one thing she vowed never to give up: her heart.

Trapped in this beautifully tragic world, Alaia begins to run out of ideas to keep herself alive… and to protect her ironbound heart.

WARRIOR is the first book in the ‘A Crown of Secrets’ series and takes place in a parallel universe in the Scottish Highlands where the stakes are high and the men's kilts even higher. This is a Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance and is for mature audiences only.

#Highlanders #DragonsVampiresWitches #ScottishMythology #Folklore #Timetravel #ReverseHarem #Hisotrical #AlternateWorld

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