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Throne of Blood - First Exclusive Teaser!

This post contains adult content.

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What better way to celebrate my new start (in my personal and professional life) than a yummy teaser from my upcoming reverse harem series, Throne of Blood? Since FB are prudes, I'm sharing it here. Enjoy! This teaser is unedited and the book, I hope, will be out before February. I'm so looking forward to this fresh start. My mental health certainly needs it! But be warned, Violet Sinclaire is a force to be reckoned with, and a complete Domme at heart. ;) Cover and blurb reveal coming soon!

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I keep my ass spread for him, my muscular arms flexing with the strain. “Fuck yes,” I reply, thrusting my dick into Violet’s mouth. “I — shit, it’s fucking amazing.”

Ronan chuckles behind me. I prepare for his tongue again but a whole new organ pushes into my clenching ass. I relax my muscles and let go of my cheeks, enjoying the sensation of Ronan filling me and Violet sucking on my cock. The stinging friction in my hole is over quickly as my body recalls what it’s like to be taken by another man.

Violet’s lips are soft and her pace slow. She’s helping me hold back. I hope it’s because I’ll get to fill her soon once Ronan dominates me. Taking a cock up the ass for my queen is hardly a sacrifice. At any rate, I enjoyed letting the occasional cage fighter fuck me in the past. Watching Violet as I take her alpha’s full length is a pleasure beyond any other.

My eyes dip again as my pleasure intensifies. Ronan wraps a hand around my throat and keeps the other firmly on my hip. All the while, Violet sucks me painfully slowly. It takes everything within me not to pound into her sweet mouth.

I grab her hair again and hold her still on my pulsing cock. Her gagging is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard, and Ronan’s cold breathing against my ear sends more chills down my body.

Jesus fuck!

His cock stretches me carefully, filling me right to the hilt. When I peel my gaze from Violet and peer over my shoulder, Ronan’s eyes are fixed on our queen. He turns my head around, forcing my gaze to meet Violet again, and he pounds into me. I groan and further relax my muscles, further taking him in. His breathing hardens in my ear, his heart pounds against my back, and the pain quickly turns into more pleasure. Violet’s lips tighten around my cock, milking me of everything, and then Ronan’s grip strains on my throat and he stills. His cum explodes into my ass and my head turns dizzy with lack of oxygen. But fucking hell, the pleasure is something else. I nearly fall to the floor if not for Ronan holding me against him and my queen sucking me off. My orgasm slowly drains from my body as Violet lets go of my cock.

Her eyes burn with an intensity I’ve never seen before. The lilac glow within them has shifted into a dark pool of blood just like Ronan’s. She snakes a hand between my thighs and grabs onto my twitching ass. Ronan’s cum sticks to her skin when she pulls back. Before I can register what she’s doing, she leaps to her feet and thrusts her finger into my mouth, forcing me to swallow her alpha’s cum.

“Are you ready to take your queen now, Protector?”

I growl and yank her fingers to the side. “I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life, Your Majesty.”

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