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The Art of Salem

As a birthday treat, I recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing LGBT artist, Salem Beiruti, on a custom designed artwork for the interior of Sinister War, book 3 in my Bloodstream series.

I give you... Vincent Hudson and Maddox Caine in their final "Acquiescence".

Isn't it breath-taking? I love everything about it, particularly the small details like the floating white rose petals, Maddox's famous glove, Vincent's eyebrow scar and the ruby-jewelled collar around his neck. Salem even had his two friends, Jon and Patricio, model for him so that we could capture the greatest pose. Please do check out Salem's website at and the models' Instagrams are @jongomezdelap and @patriciogarnero. You won't be disappointed!

This artwork will soon be available to purchase as postcards and various other swag items. I am so

excited!! By clicking the below image you will be taken to Salem's website, and trust me when I say you will be drooling over his gorgeous artwork.

#bloodstream #artwork #sinisterwar #LGBT #art

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